Application Developers and Engineers

We are recruiting outstanding application developers and engineers with 5 years experience of business applications in CRM, financial, supply chain, WMS and general business systems.

We develop, supply and support a modern, state of the art enterprise cloud service for the logistics industry which is world class in all respects. Our Azyra Cloud Intelligence system running on the Azure cloud is the driving force for a rapidly growing list of 100+ companies in 16 countries.

Work with professionals

Our business is owned and managed by our development team, so you’ll always be working with talented professionals who understand and value your skills.

Work from home

All our people work remotely. They live in 8 countries and work from their home or coworking offices.

Work life balance

We have an excellent working environment – for example, we don’t do overtime, so you have the energy for a full life which is the basis of a true professional.

Meet up

We chat every day on Teams and meet up socially at least 4 times a year. In March 2024 we will meet in Kirchberg Austria for hiking, walking, skiing, snowboarding and paragliding. In June we meet in Lisbon, and in September we meet in Vienna. Our Christmas party will be in Dublin. 


Our application developers work as a team to deliver and continually enhance the functionality, reliability and user experience of the Azyra enterprise modules which manage CRM, order processing, transport, warehousing and financials in a world class MS SQL Server database.


We use .NET, C#, X#, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office, WOPI, EDI, APIs, PowerShell and Azure Cloud. Our code is in Git and all our infrastructure is in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Our GUI is data-driven WPF. Our mobile and web apps are developed in C#, Blazor, ASP and Xamarin. We are currently developing a state of the art API portal on Azure to empower our clients IT staff to build their company around Azyra.

No legacy code

World class quality frees us from the burdens of legacy code and bug fixing, so we are always agile and forward focused.

Cloud only

Azyra is supplied as a cloud service from  our state of the art platform built on Microsoft Azure. It comprises published desktop and handheld applications and a suite of web applications working off the same SQL Server database.

Application areas

Our Azyra enterprise system handles order processing, purchasing, supply chain, warehousing, financials, CRM, HR, web portals, handhelds, smartphones, IoT, maps, Office 365 integration, business intelligence, EDI and APIs.


Everything we do is agile, collaborative, holistic and to world class standards. There are always an infinite number of ways of doing anything in software, so we treat every project as a learning experience and react quickly to new knowledge and changing circumstances.

Research and development

We solve every new requirement by researching and developing new components and enhancing existing components. This continual investment gives us many times the productivity and innovation of our competitors.

Personal development

We complement your work experience with in house and external courses – not necessarily related to your work, but with a view to your personal and professional development.

Salary and Benefits

We have a very positive remuneration policy to ensure that you share in the success and growth of our business. Our benefits package covers health insurance, pension and gym. We also provide ongoing professional education and learning.


  • Business applications development in a team setting
  • Desktop, web, mobile development
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • SaaS
  • Object oriented, scripting
  • Development of classes and frameworks
  • API design and development


  • Ability to work fluently in English
  • 5 years experience
  • At least 2 years business application development of business software
  • Experience working in team to deliver solutions
  • OOP language (e.g. Java or C#)
  • Web Development
  • Experience working with git
  • Top class honours degree
  • Enjoy high quality coding
  • Lifelong learner
  • Attention to detail combined with imagination
  • Practical approach to real world problems

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