Office 365

Azyra works with Office 365® to manage your emails, documents and spreadsheets so they are saved where they belong – with the job, order, quotation, invoice, customer, or whatever. So they can be accessed, by anyone in your organisation with permission to the item where they are saved.


Word documents can be generated from easily customised templates which populate them with data from the relevant job, order, warehouse transaction, invoice, etc. 


Spreadsheets can be generated from freight jobs, consolidations, orders, warehouse activity and your financials. Users can customise spreadsheets with exactly the data required.

Email documents

Documents and spreadsheets can be emailed with a few clicks. You can even email a complete set of documents related to an item – an order, job, invoice, warehouse transaction, etc. Azyra suggests the relevant recipients and includes the recipient’s reference in the email subject line. 

Save everything

Anything can be saved where it belongs by dragging and dropping – emails, documents, spreadsheets, videos, photos, presentations.