Online web service

The ease of use of Azyra’s online web service makes you the first choice of busy customers with freight jobs to book, stock to manage or orders to fill.

Freight booking

Customers can easily repeat recent jobs, addresses and cargo. You can give them customised templates for jobs which are fully priced, costed and routed. Bookings are instantly confirmed allowing your customers to print cargo labels and collection lists.

Managing online bookings

Online bookings are alerted to designated staff and reminders pop-up until the bookings are checked for credit control and routed for transport planning.

Track and trace

Customers and agents can find their jobs easily on any of 15 partial key searches – including their own reference or the sender’s, consignee’s or agent’s reference. Not to mention MAWB, HAWB, BoL, customs entry number, DUCR, MUCR, purchase order, etc. They can view and download PODs and see cradle to grave tracking and events.

Link to carriers’ tracking

Tracking can easily be linked to include agents’ and carriers’ tracking. So your customer can see a POD scanned by your German agent or the location of a container en route to Singapore or the latest status update from an airline.

PODs and documents

In addition to viewing PODs, your customers can see and download specified documents saved with a job or order. For example, commercial invoices, certificates, damage reports and images.

Upload documents

Customers can upload job documents such as commercial invoices and bill of lading instructions. 

3PL stock

The online service allows your customers to view and download everything to do with their stock – availability, condition, warehouse activity and balances at any point in time and a full history of movements.

Your customer's customers

If your customer is a manufacturer or distributor, their customers in turn can be given access to their consignments and orders.

Simple and no cost

The customer online web service comes as standard with no additional cost. Just add a link to your company’s website, select your corporate colours and upload your company logo. You can also upload your customers’ logos to greet them.

Supplier online service

The supplier online web service allows carriers to view and print loading lists/manifests and documents related to jobs assigned to them.

...or build your own

Alternatively, your web developers can use the Azyra APIs to build world class facilities into any website.