Effortless multi-currency

Azyra handles business in multi-currency businesses effortlessly giving total visibility and control.

Accounting and sales rates

You can maintain separate exchange rates for accounting and sales. The accounting rate is applied to all accounting and costing while the sales rate allows you a margin of comfort when preparing quotations.

Company currencies

Each company can have its own currency. The same table of exchange rates is applied to all companies so anomalies don’t arise from intercompany transactions.

Exchange differences

Exchange differences are automatically calculated and posted when payments are allocated. They are also posted when you decide to revalue bank accounts.


Exchange gains and losses are clearly reported in the financial statements. Drill down to transactions shows the currency conversions and exchange differences.


Within transactions involving foreign currency, clear details of the exchange calculations are visible before and after posting.

Revalue at current rates

You can revalue bank, sales and purchases accounts based on the current exchange rates at any time.

Bank account currency

Each bank account has a currency but can make payments and receive lodgements in different currencies.

Bank transfers

Exchange differences are automatically calculated and posted when you transfer cash between bank accounts in different currencies.

Sales and purchases

Sales and purchases accounts can be in any currency or designated as mixed currency.

Mixed currency accounts

Azyra even makes it easy to handle invoices and payments in different currencies in the same account.

Currency exposure

The age analysis and the due date analysis reports can be viewed by currency so you can see your upcoming cash flows in different currencies.


Your consolidated financial statements are in your home currency while you can view the subsidiary accounts in either their own currency or your currency.

Multi-currency BI

Azyra’s top-class currency handling naturally extends to all management information and business intelligence. So you can clearly see the effect of currency movements on performance.