CRM everywhere

Azyra has everything you could wish for in a CRM system but that’s only the start. Seamless integration with operations drives customer service while integration with financials drives margins.

From leads to customers

Azyra manages leads, prospects and customers in the same database as your operations and financials so CRM is not a separate function – it’s built into the fabric of your business.

Build relationships

The Azyra marketing pipeline manages all the activity of contacting leads, developing prospects and converting them to customers and managing relationships.

Convert prospects

Users with permission can convert a prospect to a customer and apply credit terms. All the emails, notes, events and quotations are retained but the new customer is now visible in operations and finance.

Build loyalty

Your customers experience a new level of service because your staff in sales, operations and finance have instant access to everything about the customer – emails, notes, events, contacts, quotations, jobs, orders, account, credit history, quality issues, KPIs and profitability.


Azyra makes it easy to track competitors and link them to your prospects and customers. As well as informing your negotiations, this gives you the tools to manage your reaction to competitors’ pricing and sales activity.

Negotiate with knowledge

Having instant access to everything about a customer’s business and your competitors gives you a powerful edge in negotiations.

Manage sales activity

The control tower view of actual and planned sales activity is the perfect tool for managing sales.


You can assign relationships to customers and prospects such as ‘Lead’, ‘Likely Prospect’, ‘Definite Prospect’, ‘Occasional Customer’, ‘Price Sensitive’, ‘Valued Customer’, ‘Key Partner’, etc.

Manage relationships

The account management option gives you control tower management of customers and prospects by relationship, target category, sales representative, competitor, location, and industry.

Costed quotations

Azyra makes it easy to prepare and email fully costed quotations, to follow them up and convert them to priced and costed jobs and orders.

Freight quotations

Freight quotations can be simple spot quotes or detailed with multiple options and rate cards for road, air and sea.

Distribution quotations

Distribution quotations can reference all the facilities for stock pricing and costing including promotions.

Quotation templates

Template quotations are easily managed to achieve consistency, quality and maximum efficiency.

Freight rate cards

Azyra’s freight tariffs easily handle all the complexities of high volume, multi-leg and multimodal business.

Pricing and costing

Jobs created from quotations (or matched later) are automatically priced and costed.

Follow up quotations

A control tower view of quotations allows easy follow up. This often neglected activity not only has an immediate impact on profits but provides continual feedback to guide pricing and manage sales.

Lost business alert

Instead of studying last month’s sales report to find customers who have gone elsewhere, Azyra’s business alert control tower view allows you to react on a daily basis to lost or declining business.

Profit not turnover

Turnover is no guide to profitability, especially in freight consolidation. Costed quotations and operations fully integrated with financials show you exact profitability from any viewpoint – customers, sales representatives, routes, departments, divisions, locations, companies and countries.


Seamless integration with financials allows efficient calculation of commissions and profit shares.

Targeted emails

Bulk personalised emails can be generated and sent to customers and prospects based on a wide range of selection choices. The emails can even have attachments such as sailing schedules and tariffs.


You can import and manage large lists of leads which can be converted to prospects when qualified.

Multi company and country

Staff in a multi-company/multi-country group are only aware of customers and prospects belonging to companies and countries to which they have permission.

Power BI

For powerful visual insight, Azyra provides excellent integration with Power BI. See where your revenues, costs and margins are coming from. Identify trends so you can keep ahead of the curve.