Azyra as a cloud service

Azyra is supplied as a fully managed service hosted on an industrial scale in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Forget your IT worries

Azyra as a cloud service allows you to forget the cost and hassle of servers, licences, disk space, backup, recovery plans, firewalls, viruses and security.

Secure data

Your data is held securely in a separate Microsoft SQL Server database.

Hardware requirements

The only hardware you need to run Azyra is PCs or laptops and printers. 

Internet connections

Users should have a reasonable internet connection but it doesn’t have to be exceptional – all data is processed in the Azure cloud and does not travel up and down to users’ PCs.

Warehouse devices

For warehouse and cross-dock scanning, you need WiFi with Android handheld devices or forklift devices such as the excellent Zebra TC25.

Driver App phones

For the drivers app, you need Android phones or, for high volume piece scanning, the Zebra TC25 which is a rugged smartphone with laser scanning.

Email and Microsoft 365

For integration with Outlook, Excel and Word you need Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) supplied by your IT department or local IT support.

Low carbon

Azyra’s state of the art hosting on the Microsoft Azure cloud is far more energy efficient than on premise servers or smaller data centres.