Azyra handles multiple companies in a single database while retaining each company’s integrity and privacy. This delivers major savings and gains in efficiency, service and control.

Companies are separate ...

Each company has its own orders, jobs, staff, financials, customers and suppliers. Users see only the companies to which they have permission – and only the customers and suppliers of those companies.

... but unified

But to users with permission to some or all companies, the companies can be viewed individually or aggregated.

Groupwide credit control

Credit limits and credit management take account of the customer’s liability to all companies in the group.

Unified marketing

While companies have their own individual identity and logo, marketing and sales can be easily managed across the group.

See the overall picture

A single set of management reports, financial statements and business intelligence give you a clear view without costly spreadsheet and BI effort. All reports and enquiries are available for individual companies or on a group basis.

Shared transport planning

Transport planning and purchasing can be shared. For example, the road freight company can handle collections and deliveries for jobs owned by the sea and air companies without duplicating jobs. 

Accounting efficiency

Accounting is more efficient because everything is in one database while preserving the accounting integrity of each company.

Intercompany transactions

Intercompany charges and other transactions are automatically posted as matched transactions in both companies so no time is wasted on intercompany accounting.

Intercompany balances

Intercompany bank transactions are posted in both companies using the same exchange rates.

Company currencies

Each company can have its own currency for local management and reporting. The same exchange rates are automatically applied to all transactions for all companies.