APIs build partnerships

APIs allow direct and secure communication between Azyra and your customers’ and suppliers’ IT systems. They can also be used to join Azyra to your own industry-specific systems.

Far better than EDI

Instead of exchanging EDI files, APIs allow your business partners to interact securely with your Azyra system directly over the internet in real-time.

Be part of their system

Your customers can use APIs from their own systems to create freight jobs, pick lists and orders in your Azyra system. They can update standing data in Azyra such as addresses, instructions and stock details.

Keep them updated

Your customers’ IT departments can use APIs to show live data from your Azyra system directly in their own systems. For example, to show the operating status, customs status and piece level tracking of freight jobs, customer orders, stock balances and availability.

Build customised websites

You can use the APIs to build special websites for important customers.

Seamless supply chains

APIs allow your customers to link their supply chain portals directly to your 3PL order management and WMS.