Azyra manages every type of freight to world class standards from domestic, courier and forwarding to multi-leg international and supply chain management.

Road air and sea

Other systems have their origin in one mode of transport but Azyra was designed from the ground up to handle everything from the simplest courier or forwarding job to the most demanding high volume, multi-leg, multi-modal business. 

Transport planning

Easy and flexible planning handles simple and multi-leg, multi-modal jobs by road, air and sea. Visibility of prices and costs empowers planners to maximise margins.


The multinational facilities allow jobs booked in your Hong Kong company to appear as import jobs in your Netherlands company. Staff in each country see their financials while the head office sees the overall picture.

Consolidation and full load

No other system comes close to Azyra’s efficiency in planning, managing and consolidations – by road, air and sea. 


Comprehensive facilities for automation include costing, pricing, routing, alerting, reporting and invoicing.


Flexible templates create jobs and movements which are fully priced, costed and transport planned. Templates are automatically applied to Jobs created by EDI and booked online.

Cross docking

Barcode scanning with smart devices directs the handling of items. Real-time integration enables a control tower view of depot operations. 

Drivers App

The Azyra drivers app is second to none with facilities such as piece scanning for loading, unloading, collection and delivery. Collections, PODs and exceptions such as delays and failed deliveries are reported to the control tower as they happen.

Seamless with WMS

The contents of incoming container jobs can appear as incoming stock in the WMS. Warehouse pickers can create priced, costed, labelled and routed jobs from pick lists with a couple of taps on their smart device.

Job management

The jobs management facility gives you a control tower view of everything – transport, pricing, costing and invoicing.

Exception management

The events control tower shows activity from the Azyra drivers app and updates from carriers via EDI. Exceptions are highlighted so you can act on them as they occur.


Azyra’s customs facilities are unrivalled. Features include a control tower view of customs activity, dual customs for both the exporting and importing countries, automatic invoicing and accounting for customs taxes.

Cradle to grave tracking

Tracking information from carriers is combined with your own data to give your customers real-time tracking.

Piece tracking

Piece level tracking works with your customers’ or agents’ barcodes or with your own barcodes printed online by your customers or at your depot.


Every type of freight document is catered for from simple courier notes to international carrier instructions, bills of lading to electronic air waybills.

Pricing and costing

Flexible tariffs and rate cards cater for all of the complexities of freight pricing and costing. They can be applied automatically as jobs are booked and routed. You can set rules for automatic revision of prices and costs when quantities change.


Azyra makes it easy to prepare and email costed freight quotations from simple spot quotes to complex multi-leg quotes and rate cards for road, air and sea business.

Jobs from quotations

Fully priced and costed jobs can be created from quotations for any type of job from simple domestic jobs to complex international jobs by road, sea and air.

Automatic credit control

Seamless integration with financials enables automatic credit warnings. The warnings take account of jobs not yet invoiced as well as the customer’s age analysis and exposure to other accounts linked to the customer.

POD and IOD management​

Delivery information and PODs from any source is managed efficiently and can be included in invoices and automatic alerts.

KPI management

Both your own and your customers’ KPIs are managed and reported efficiently.

Customer online service

The customer online web service comes as standard to give your customers the best booking and tracking service anywhere giving you a major competitive advantage.

Supplier online service

The supplier online web service allows carriers to view and print loading lists/manifests and documents related to jobs assigned to them.

Everybody's reference

Jobs and pieces can be tracked using any reference number, your own your customer’s, your agent’s, the sender’s or the consignee’s. You and your customers can also find jobs using stock codes, stock tracking numbers, unit numbers, bond references and purchase order numbers.

EDI and API mapping

Flexible data mapping handles EDI messages and APIs in any format for any type of business.

High volume EDI and APIs​

Over 90% of the jobs handled by some businesses running Azyra originate by EDI and APIs. Overheads are drastically reduced by facilities such as automatic address correction, pricing, costing and transport routing.

Carrier integration

EDI and APIs enable deep integration with carriers’ systems.