Unlimited EDI

Azyra handles all types of EDI so you can achieve the highest efficiency and meet the needs of any customer, supplier or business partner.

Message Formats

Azyra handles EDI messages in all formats – XML, JSON, ANSI, EDIFACT, CSV, and text.

EDI maps and schemas

Azyra has a comprehensive suite of schemas for EDI and APIs covering all types of freight jobs and events, customer and supplier orders, invoices, warehouse transactions and enquiries.

Altova® mapping

Your IT department or our support team can create customised EDI maps for any purpose using Altova MapForce®.

Automatic processor

The automatic processor runs day and night to generate, send, receive and process EDI messages and API requests.

Error management

Errors and exceptions in EDI messages are alerted and managed neatly to minimise disruption of service.

EDI with spreadsheets

EDI spreadsheets can be sent and received easily. This allows you to get up and running quickly with business partners who don’t have advanced EDI facilities.