World class WMS

Azyra’s world class WMS handles any type of product – FMCG, groceries, pharmaceuticals, wet and dry bond, industrial supplies and bulk goods.


Seamless integration of warehousing with freight, customer orders, purchasing and even customs give you unbeatable efficiency and service while lowering costs.

Pick to vehicle

Integration of warehousing with freight allows transport to be planned and optimised before wave picking to vehicles. With a tap on their Android device, warehouse operators can create freight jobs   fully priced, costed, routed and labelled.

Integration with orders

Integration with customer and supplier orders gives maximum customer service, stock turnover and efficient purchasing.

3PL warehousing

Azyra has unparalleled facilities for 3PL warehousing – multiple stock owners, flexible charging, EDI, APIs and deep integration with freight. 

Cradle to grave tracking

Batch and item tracking are handled easily including different requirements for specific stock codes, product groups and customers. Stock rotation is managed automatically.

Smart warehouse devices

Azyra works with Android handheld and forklift devices for putting away, picking, replenishing and stock checking. Each device has the full power of a remote app in the cloud so they are ultra smart and intuitive. 

Live update

Because the smart devices are live, warehouse activity is immediately updated so your customer service and marketing people have real time information   as do your customers using the online web service.

Smart barcode reading

The smart devices automatically identify barcode scans in any order and determine the minimum scans to securely identify goods. Barcodes can be in any format, including compound.

Continuous balances

Azyra maintains continuous balance records. You can see balances and availability as at any point in time detailed by warehouses, locations, tracking numbers and conditions. You can drill down to all the movements leading up to a balance.

Continuous stock checking

The smart devices allow warehouse staff to take advantage of quiet times to continually verify stock balances. A control tower option in the main system highlights and manages discrepancies.

Inwards and outwards processing

Inwards and outwards checking and processing is easily managed with the smart devices.

Pick face, bulk and staging

Pick faces, bulk locations and staging areas are managed easily. Pick face replenishment can be planned and guided or left to the warehouse staff.

Split units

Split units are handled as easily as full units for example, bottles and cases. 


Multi-level assemblies and disassemblies are easily handled.

Dimensions and weights

The volume and weight of receipts, put aways, picks and dispatches is automatically calculated.

Condition and quarantine

Stock condition and quarantine are easily managed according to your specific requirements  – for example ‘Inspection’ ‘Required’, ‘Damaged’, ‘Repaired’, ‘Recycle’. You decide which stock conditions trigger quarantine and so prevent dispatch. Condition and quarantine can be applied and removed without moving stock.

Multiple warehouses

Multiple warehouses are handled with ease allowing the global management of stock balances and availability. 

Online service

Your customers can enter orders and pick instructions online. They can view or download full details of their orders, deliveries, stock balances, availability and history.

Excise bond

Comprehensive excise bond facilities include guarantee management for multiple bondholders. Currently, these are live for the UK and Ireland. Other countries are available on request.

Dry bond

All the requirements of customs warehousing are handled simply and easily.

Stock in transit

Stock balance enquiry not only shows goods across all warehouses but stock in transit from suppliers and between warehouses.

Automatic alerts

Automatic alerts can be easily configured to customers’ requirements. The triggers can be receipts, stock checks, condition changes, picks or dispatches. They can be sent to suppliers, customers or consignees by email, EDI and SMS.

Automatic reports

Automatic reports on stock movements and balances can be configured easily for sending by EDI and email to customers and business partners. 

Automatic verification

For 3PL operators, balance comparisons can be automatically generated in response to EDI and API requests.


Azyra’s unmatched EDI and API facilities allow high volumes of inward advices, pick orders and enquiries to be handled automatically.


Your customers can link their systems, web portals and shopping websites directly to your system using Azyra’s powerful APIs.