Seamless email

Email is fundamental to business so it’s built into the fabric of Azyra.

Emailing from Azyra

You can email documents, invoices, quotations and reports directly from Azyra. The email addresses are prefilled and the recipients own reference number is included in the subject. You can review, edit and personalise the body of the email. When you click Send it’s saved in your Outlook.

Emails received

You can drag emails received from Outlook directly into jobs, orders, quotations, invoices, customers, prospects or anywhere in Azyra.

SMTP for automatic email

Emails generated automatically such as alerts and automatic invoicing are sent via SMTP.

Emails saved in Azyra

Emails saved in Azyra can be accessed by any user with permission to the job, order, quotation, invoice, customer, or other item in which the email was saved.