The Azyra multi-country facilities provide spectacular benefits for groups operating in multiple countries.

Multi-country freight

Export jobs booked by your company in China automatically appears as an import job to your company in the Netherlands. The Chinese company arranges collection and export while the Netherlands company handles the import and final delivery, all from the same job.

Local and group accounting

Management and staff in each country see their revenue, costs, and gross margin while the head office and authorised users see both the local and overall pictures.

Stunning efficiency

Seamless multi-country and multi-company facilities remove EDI exchanges and duplication delivering stunning efficiency.

Multi-country Customs

In another example, your UK company can upload commercial invoices for export jobs, process the UK export customs declaration while your Irish company uses the same commercial invoice data to process the Irish import customs declaration.

Seamless customer service

Your customers will quickly appreciate that doing business with you is dramatically better – everyone in your business who needs it has information on all of their jobs, in any country, instantly.