Seamless customer service​

Seamless integration of order management with CRM and WMS enables top class service, stock management and warehousing. Live business intelligence gives you real-time control of pricing and promotions.

Service control tower

The customer service control tower provides easy management of customer orders through picking, transport planning, scheduling, proof of delivery, invoicing, issues and queries.

Orders from anywhere

Orders can be received online, by phone, EDI, APIs, from resellers’ web portals or merchandisers’ tablets.

Know your customer

Your customer service people have immediate access to everything that matters to your customers – their orders, prices, promotions, rebates, delivery addresses, delivery instructions, invoices, quality issues, their account and a complete history of previous orders and deliveries.

Live credit control

Seamless integration with financials gives credit warnings based on your current exposure including orders not yet invoiced.

Stock availability

Customer service people can see live stock availability across multiple warehouses and countries – including goods in transit, scheduled supplier orders – even live putting away and picking.

Wave pick to vehicle

Deliveries can be transport planned before orders are released allowing wave picking to vehicles with pre-optimised routes. Pallet sharing and stacking can also be pre-planned. 

Powerful pricing

Azyra’s flexible price tables handle every type of price, discount and promotion – including rebates and bonus goods.

Automatic alerts

Automatic alerts by email, EDI and SMS keep your customers informed of the status, progress and delivery of their orders.

Accurate costing

Cost of sales is based on your choice of FIFO, LIFO, Weighted Average or Actual. Rebates are calculated and accrued at the time of invoicing. The cost of bonus goods is fully accounted for at the line level.

Live margin control

The margin on orders is shown at line level so sales and order taking can be guided by profitability.


The live control tower view of sales with pricing and margin analysis allows you to manage promotions in real-time. Promotions can be special prices, discounts, bonus goods or rebates. Bonus goods are automatically costed and rebates are automatically accrued with the full double entry in the financials.

Automatic invoicing

Dispatches can be automatically invoiced and sent by email or EDI without the need for external systems.

Bonus goods

Bonus goods are handled automatically in order processing and costing. For example, buy 30 of X and get 2 of Y and 3 of Z. 

Multiple dispatches and back orders

Orders can have multiple dispatches and backorders are handled easily.


Planned and unplanned returns of goods, pallets, containers and empties are easily handled. Planned returns can be included in transport planning.