World class

Azyra’s financials set world class standards in every area – ease of use, flexibility, power and seamless integration with all aspects of your business.

All your requirements

All your financial requirements are handled – accounts receivable and payable, costing, bank accounts, general/nominal ledger, reporting and audit trail.

Companies, Departments, Divisions

Financial transactions and costs are automatically analysed at line level by company, department and division.

Chart of accounts

Azyra has the most user-friendly and powerful accounts structure you’ll find anywhere. Companies, divisions, departments and sub-accounts are handled easily without complex coding.


Transactions can be reversed, reissued and repeated – subject to user permissions. The chart of accounts can be easily reorganised.


Customer, supplier and bank accounts can be in any currency. Exchange differences are generated automatically when receipts and payments are entered. Even mixed currency accounts are easy to operate. 

Reporting currencies

Each company can have its own currency. The general/nominal ledger records transactions and balances in both the company currency and the home currency. All reports and enquiries show values in transaction currency, company currency and home currency.

Live credit control

Automatic credit warnings on orders, bookings and quotations control credit before it’s given. Credit warnings take account not just of the balance outstanding but also orders and jobs on hand before they are invoiced. They also take account of the exposure to groups of customers with the same ownership.

Credit management

In addition to the standard age analysis, due date analysis allows customers to have individual credit terms which can be easily managed. Credit taken analysis shows the actual payment performance of customers compared with their terms. 

Queried invoices

Queried sales and purchase invoices can be flagged, commented and followed up. To resolve queries you can drill down to the orders, jobs, quotations and all related emails. With a few clicks, you can email a selection of invoices or a statement with all the outstanding invoices.

Purchases accruals control

Azyra automatically maintains a purchases accruals control account with full double entry for trading costs. This provides full ledger control including age analysis and write-off facilities.

No hiding place for costs

Accruals exceeded and written-off are clearly reported in the profit and loss account. The effect on jobs reported in previous periods is highlighted in management reports. Accruals exceeded and written-off are reported by department, user or supplier.

Bank Accounts

Sales receipts and supplier payments automatically update the bank accounts. Bank accounts are easily reconciled and the reconciliations can be viewed and printed for any past accounting period or year.


Draft sales and purchase invoices are easily generated from customer charges and trade accruals and emailed to suppliers for approval. 

Fewer ledger accounts

Azyra allows one-off customer and supplier invoices without the hassle of opening accounts.

Sundry transactions

Sundry receipts and payments can be analysed and costed just like sales and purchase invoices.


Azyra handles all your overhead and non-trading transactions – with analysis by company, department and division.

Live accounting

The general/nominal ledger is updated in real-time by sales, purchases, warehouse receipts, issues and bank transactions.

General/nominal journals

One-off, recurring, template and accrual general/nominal journals are easy to use. Supporting documents can be filed electronically with the journals. Accrual journals are automatically reversed in the following period.

Financial statements

The profit and loss account and balance sheet are live in real-time. They can be viewed, printed or exported to spreadsheets for any period or year, in summary, or detail. Comparison can be with budget or previous year. 

Reports at any level

Financial, management and operating reports can be viewed at any level enterprise, company, division or department, in the company or home currency.

Budgets from spreadsheets

Budgets can be easily imported to the general/nominal ledger from spreadsheets without special coding or knowledge. Budgets can be at the level of companies, divisions, departments, customers or product group.

Drill down

You can enquire from the general/nominal ledger across companies, departments, accounts, subaccounts, periods and past years, in summary, or detail. You can view comparisons with a budget or previous years. You can drill down to the transactions and their sources – customer orders, purchase invoices, warehouse transactions, etc.


User access to menu options and companies is easily managed. Special permissions control activities such as opening customer accounts, revising credit terms, issuing credit notes, accrual write-offs and access to confidential bank accounts. Every transaction has a history of by whom and when it was entered, updated, printed or emailed.

Audit trail

Audit trail flows from the financial statements and management reports down to the source transactions and their supporting documents. Financial and business data is retained indefinitely without archiving or compromising response times. The audit trail also flows the other way, the general/nominal analysis is shown clearly in every transaction.

Integration with other systems

If you are required to use a different financial system, Azyra has excellent facilities for exporting transactions with a clear audit trail and cut-off. You can do all your sales invoicing, costing, purchase matching and processing in Azyra and export the fully costed transactions to your ledger system. This gives you all of Azyra’s costing, accruals control and superb management information at gross profit level.