Microsoft SQL Server

Azyra is built on the world’s leading database management system, Microsoft SQL Server.

Azyra manages everything

Azyra automatically manages the database and electronic filing. For smaller companies, this is essential and for large groups, it frees the IT department to add value in operations and customer-facing developments.

IT-friendly schema

The Azyra database schema is clear and elegant – ideal for business intelligence and value-added developments.

Data warehousing

Azyra comes with automatic data warehousing so you can quickly deploy Power BI and other business intelligence tools.


With outstanding reliability, continuous backup and minimal downtime for upgrades, Azyra delivers mission-critical performance on the Azure cloud.

Instant response

Database skills refined over 30 years of development enables Azyra running on the Azure Cloud to deliver instant response regardless of load or volumes.


The Azyra database infrastructure has been designed with a view to the future development of options for other database management systems such as Oracle.